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To make a booking please use the calendar widget to the left to reserve your table with us. If your chosen time/date is greyed out, we're most likely fully-booked but may have shorter or alternate time slots available. 


£5 per person for a session up to 4 hours or £3 per person for up to 2 hours. This is to maintain & grow our library of games.


If you don't wish to play any board games at our cafe but want to enjoy some tasty grub or even pop in for a locally roasted coffee, then the cover charge doesn't apply providing it is before 5pm on weekdays.


(This is to ensure that we stay true to being a board gaming venue) Check out our FAQs for more detail on cover charge exemptions.

Terms & Conditions

We require card details to secure bookings.

The cardholder will NOT be charged to make the booking. 


The cardholder will only be charged the booking is cancelled or change the number of attendees within 24 hours of the booking and will be charged the cover charge per person fee depending on the original booking session duration which is

£3/£5 per person.

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