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Our Story 


Socialdice is a Board Game Café & Bar with over 400 board games available to play! Set up by founders Ryan and Chris who decided to quit their jobs and follow their dreams to set up Swansea's first ever board game café! 

Wales Online Socialdice  Swansea's first ever board game cafe pictured with two owners.

Image by John Myers - Wales Online 08/02/22

The idea started from their love for board games and socialising with friends over many game nights! From living in Swansea for many years they realised how it was missing a destination which allowed people to socialise and have games nights!

They began their business plan, set out on a hunt for locations, overcame many obstacles and then..

Lockdown happened!

Everything was put on hold and with the devastation that lockdowns caused for the hospitality sector made it seem like the dream would never happen. Once restrictions began to ease the pair found themselves having countless games nights with friends  



This reignited the drive to make it a reality so they decided to dust off where they left off and took the plunge into the unknown eventually quitting their full time jobs! And thus Socialdice was born! Now a hub for people to socialise, meet new friends and spend some quality time together through the magic of board games!

People playing board games in Socialdice Board Game Cafe in Swansea
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